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In the beginning...the Iroquois Indians believed that lacrosse was a gift from the Creator, and it is considered his favourite game;  bringing much enjoyment to the Indian people.

1636 French missionary father Jean Brebouf describes “Le jeu de la crosse” as looking like a Bishop crozier  
1662 French trader Nicolas Perrot first wrote of the game, stating the there were rules and that the game was played to three goals.  
1750 Mohawks teach the game to French Canadians in Montreal.  
1763 Ottawa Indians, lead by chief Pontiac, play lacrosse as a diversion and are able to overtake the British at Fort Michilimakinac.  
1797 Col. William Stone observes a game between the Mohawk and the Seneca with over 600 players involved.  
1834 Mohawks play lacrosse at St. Pierre Race Track in Montreal making it a popular spectator sport.  
1844 First official game between the Iroquois and the Canadians started a seventeen year winning streak for the Iroquois.  
1856 New rules developed as first lacrosse club formed in Montreal as stick becomes shorter and a smaller playing field is defined.  
1867 Iroquois tour England to play lacrosse as Canada makes lacrosse their national sport.  
1875 First English Lacrosse club formed in Stockport. Still exists.  
1880 American team beats Canadian team for the first time. As Indians are banned from all international play.  
1904 Canada wins Olympic Lacrosse Tournament.  
1913 Women’s lacrosse begins in England.  
1932 Iroquois play in Los Angeles Olympics.  
1967 First World Lacrosse Championship won by Team USA.  
1971 First NCAA national Lacrosse Championship won by Cornell  
1983 Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Program founded.